We had a wonderful year with the Tripping Yarn Balls Zodiac theme. Sadly, Erin of Tyrannosaurus Knits has retired from the dyeing business and while she will be sorely missed (she and her pants!), we’ve chosen another fabulous dyer to take her place in Tripping Yarn Balls. We’re pleased to introduce Christa from Nerd Girl Yarns into the family, and she will be dyeing along with Chrystee from Play at Life and Jodi from Shameless Twist.

This year we’re doing a club based on 90’s alternative rock & grunge. Remember the 90’s? The plaid jackets and torn jeans, Kurt Cobain belting his lyrics out unintelligibly and being so great at it? Well, we want to celebrate some of the innovations from the music industry from that era through yarn. We hope you’ll join us for this ride. It’s going to be more fun than Adam Sandler at a hacky sack competition.

As last year, the club is going to be fingering weight yarns, each dyer taking turns sending out the yarn.

We! Are so! STOKED, MAN!


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