Retro Toons Sign Ups Are Open!

It’s finally here! Sign ups for the Tripping Yarn Balls Retro Toons club are open! Remember racing to the television on Saturday mornings to catch your favourite cartoons? Well, now you get to race to your mailbox to catch them embodied on yarn! With Play at Life, Please Stand By Yarns, and Shameless Twist, a dozen reminders of your favourite characters are available to you this year.

Taking the journey with us this year will be Lillian of Please Stand By Yarns. Her self-striping and variegated yarns are the perfect medium for the cartoon theme! We are also absolutely ecstatic to have Maureen Foulds, designer of many beautiful patterns, working with us this year! Club subscriptns will include one of Maureen’s patterns per 6 month period!

As always, Jodi of Shameless Twist and Chrystee of Play at Life Fiber Arts will bring their own dye techniques and love of color to the cartoon-y table. This year, Jodi will be working with a new luscious sw merino/cashmere/nylon base. And Chrystee will be dyeing up some semisolids to coordinate with the Maki for you stripe and colorwork lovers.

As always, there are 12 and 6 month spots available this year. Due to drastic postage increases, we’ve had to work another $2 per month into the cost of the club in order to be able to offer shipping included worldwide in our prices.

Just as with previous years, the subscription payments begin immediately, and the first shipment will go out during the first week of November and every month thereafter for the duration of your subscription. Your payments will end prior to you receiving your final shipment so that you get the complete subscription. Worldwide shipping is, as usual, included in the price.

We’ll be playing over in the Ravelry group the entire time, playing guessing games and having a ball! Come join us!


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