Retro Toons Sign Ups Are Open!

It’s finally here! Sign ups for the Tripping Yarn Balls Retro Toons club are open! Remember racing to the television on Saturday mornings to catch your favourite cartoons? Well, now you get to race to your mailbox to catch them embodied on yarn! With Play at Life, Please Stand By Yarns, and Shameless Twist, a dozen reminders of your favourite characters are available to you this year.

Taking the journey with us this year will be Lillian of Please Stand By Yarns. Her self-striping and variegated yarns are the perfect medium for the cartoon theme! We are also absolutely ecstatic to have Maureen Foulds, designer of many beautiful patterns, working with us this year! Club subscriptns will include one of Maureen’s patterns per 6 month period!

As always, Jodi of Shameless Twist and Chrystee of Play at Life Fiber Arts will bring their own dye techniques and love of color to the cartoon-y table. This year, Jodi will be working with a new luscious sw merino/cashmere/nylon base. And Chrystee will be dyeing up some semisolids to coordinate with the Maki for you stripe and colorwork lovers.

As always, there are 12 and 6 month spots available this year. Due to drastic postage increases, we’ve had to work another $2 per month into the cost of the club in order to be able to offer shipping included worldwide in our prices.

Just as with previous years, the subscription payments begin immediately, and the first shipment will go out during the first week of November and every month thereafter for the duration of your subscription. Your payments will end prior to you receiving your final shipment so that you get the complete subscription. Worldwide shipping is, as usual, included in the price.

We’ll be playing over in the Ravelry group the entire time, playing guessing games and having a ball! Come join us!


Second half of Come As You Are memberships are available!


We’ve had an awesome first half of Come As You Are yarn club, featuring colourways inspired by 90’s alternative & grunge songs dyed by Nerd Girl Yarns, Play at Life, and Shameless Twist. All colourways are done on fingering weight yarn so you can get the most bang for your buck. You can see the first colourways here. We’ve delivered our last of the first half, so it’s time to release the spots for the second half. There are only 10 spots available, so get ’em while they’re hot!

This has been a really fun club with some beautiful colourways to boast, and we’re really looking forward to the next 6 months.


We have a group on Ravelry for playing guessing games as to what’s next and showing off our FOs & WIPs from the yarns, and of course our general silliness and fun. Come join us!


We had a wonderful year with the Tripping Yarn Balls Zodiac theme. Sadly, Erin of Tyrannosaurus Knits has retired from the dyeing business and while she will be sorely missed (she and her pants!), we’ve chosen another fabulous dyer to take her place in Tripping Yarn Balls. We’re pleased to introduce Christa from Nerd Girl Yarns into the family, and she will be dyeing along with Chrystee from Play at Life and Jodi from Shameless Twist.

This year we’re doing a club based on 90’s alternative rock & grunge. Remember the 90’s? The plaid jackets and torn jeans, Kurt Cobain belting his lyrics out unintelligibly and being so great at it? Well, we want to celebrate some of the innovations from the music industry from that era through yarn. We hope you’ll join us for this ride. It’s going to be more fun than Adam Sandler at a hacky sack competition.

As last year, the club is going to be fingering weight yarns, each dyer taking turns sending out the yarn.

We! Are so! STOKED, MAN!


Aries was easy for me. I have absolutely no experience being an Aries, but when I considered the Aries people I know, the colours just popped right into my head. I really don’t know how to describe this yarn, so I’ll just post a picture of it so you can see it for yourself.


It’s definitely one I’m going to do again. I love this yarn so much.


There’s something so cozy about the months of December & January. Sipping a warm cup of coffee while contemplating the brilliant colours painted across the winter sky can create such a feeling of contentment. It’s with this in mind that I created the Capricorn colourway, after getting up every morning and chasing the sunrise with my camera.


This morning;


Inspired this;


I washed the sunrise colours a little bit to bring a little more calm to the skein. I hope you enjoy working with it!

6 month spots available!

It’s that time! The second half of the Tripping Yarn Balls zodiac club is available. There are only a few spots available now, so it’s best to hurry!

Play at Life Fiber Arts, Tyrannosaurus Knits & Shameless Twist announce the launch of Tripping Yarn Balls – a collaborative sock yarn club with a Zodiac theme.

How does a collaborative yarn club work?

Like most yarn clubs, each month you’ll receive one sock yarn dyed in an exclusive colorway designed around a chosen theme (the Zodiac!) In a collaborative club, members get the chance to check out yarn from several dyers. We’ll use our own bases and dye methods and you get a great variety of yarns for 6 months!

Meet the Dyers!

Shameless Twist – Jodi uses a multitude of bases at Shameless Twist. Her most popular being the sturdy Obedience base, she’ll be kettle dyeing exclusive colourways on this base for this club.

Tyrannosaurus Knits – Erin is a little obsessed with dinosaurs and will be contributing hand painted colorways on her dinosaur-themed bases – Oviraptor, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus and Ferocious.

Play at Life Fiber Arts – Chrystee is known for her Maki yarns dyed in long color repeats. She’ll be contributing Sockie Maki sets and other self-striping yarns on her Jest, Boundless and Jumping Joy bases.

The cost is $35 monthly including shipping to anywhere in the world.

Join our mailing list for a heads up on future clubs and collaborative shenanigans!

All sold out! Thank you!

And we’re off!

The club sign ups were a huge success, and we wish to thank everyone who signed up or expressed interest. This is going to be a wild ride! Hope you guys have as much fun as we plan to.

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